Perfectly Posed Isn't Always Best

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Do my Subjects Always Need to be Centered?

Perfectly Posed Isn't Always Best

If you are looking for a great digital camera photography tip, keep this one in mind! Forget the "cheese" that comes with those posed pictures and just start snapping. Perfectly posing each and every subject in your pictures isn't always best. Sometimes just letting the person's personality shine through and getting those photographs while that occurs is the best! If your children are playing in the swimming pool, don't stop them and tell them,"Look at Mommy and say cheese!" Instead, take their pictures when they aren't paying attention. Sometimes not posing turns out the best pictures!

Another idea to keep in mind is that the center of the frame isn't always the perfect place to have your subject pose. Why do people always assume the middle of the frame is the place to be? By simply moving your subject to the side of the frame, you may be able to capture even more. Let's say you are taking a picture of your dog running through a meadow with a large mountain the background. Do you really want your dog as the center of that picture and miss out on the mountain shot? Try moving your dog to the side of the frame and capturing the beautiful mountain in the background. Your picture will turn from a dog running in a field to a large mountain with a dog running through a field.

Your placement of the subject is important to remember; center isn't always best!



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