Photo Printer Cartridge

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What is a Photo Printer Cartridge?

Photo Printer Cartridge

If you are considering purchasing a photo printer you will also eventually need to restock the ink with a speciality photo printer ink cartridge. If you purchase a Hewlett Packard Photosmart d7360 photo printer, then you will need to have this information when purchasing your printer's ink cartridge. You do not always have to buy the specific brand name ink cartridge for your printer. Many times office supply stores offer a more generic version of ink cartridges that are compatible for several different types of printers. What is important is that you purchase a cartridge that can be used with your specific printer. Prices vary on ink cartridges, many run more than $50 for one color photo cartridge. You will want to do some research on the different types available for your printer before purchasing a cartridge.



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