Photo Novelities

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What are Some Novelity Photo Gifts I can Give?

Photo Novelities

Many online websites offer some really fun ways to preserve favorite photos for gift giving or just to have for yourself.

How about placing your favorite photo on a lollipop! What a neat idea to give at a birthday party in a gift bag. Simply follow the website directions for downloading that perfect photo on a lollipop and then wait for it to be delivered to you.

Are you looking for something you can't eat at the dinner table? Perhaps you can make a photo puzzle for someone. What a neat gift to give to Grandpa who loves to do jigsaw puzzles- a puzzle with a picture of his beloved grandchildren. Follow the directions of the website to download your picture and then wait for the company to make your photo jigsaw puzzle to deliver it right to you.

What about giving a photo sports ball for the sports nut in your life? You can put a picture of a loved one right onto a sports ball ranging from a baseball to a hockey puck, the sport of your choice is available! Prices run around $20 and the ball is delivered right to you once the download and check out is complete. Another fun gift for the sports fan in your life!



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