Get to Know Your Camera

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Is it That Important to Know Everything my Digital Camera Does?

Get to Know Your Camera

One very important aspect of taking great digital pictures is to get to know your camera. Many people purchase nice digital cameras with all the bells and whistles, but never really learn to use those wonderful extras.

Therefore, if you want to take great digital photos, get to know that digital camera of yours! Read the manual, but do more than just read it. Try it out. As you're reading your digital camera manual and it explains what each feature does, have your camera in your hand and practice what is told to you in the manual. Learn how to work with different exposures, try to use the flash and then not use the flash, play with the timer and take pictures close up and far away. Before you can really take great pictures, you need to know your camera and everything it does so when you do start shooting pictures, you are ready and know what to do!



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