Taking Pictures of People and Animals

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How Should I Take Pics of People and Animals?

Taking Pictures of People and Animals

Many people want to capture that perfect digital picture of their child, their pet or a beloved relative or friend. However, as it turns out, many people end up with poor lighting in their pictures, a head cut off or even things in the background that they don't want.

Keep in mind when you are photographing these subjects that the ultimate result is a picture that you love, but you need to have fun while doing it! If the shoot gets too stressful or you have unhappy subjects, nix the shoot until a later time. There is no sense in taking pictures of someone or something that just won't cooperate.

If you take a close-up photograph of your subjects, your picture may turn out even better. Try this: zoom in on your subject and snap a shot after you have a pose you want. By zooming in, you are getting everything in the shot you want -- the people or animals, and nothing else!

Another fun way to photograph these types of subjects is to snap a candid shot of them. This means catch them interacting with someone or something or just doing something they typically do. Snap the picture when they aren't expecting it! Often times, candid shots are the best, because they portray the reality of the person or the animal.

Last, but not least, to take truly great pictures of people and animals, try using natural light. Yes, take them outdoors when it is cloudy and snap a candid photo. Think about it: when you are outside on a sunny day and someone yells: "Say Cheese," you squint or need sunglasses to see the person taking the picture. You can avoid this by taking photos on a cloudy day. Using natural light is a great way to get a great photo!



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