Capturing Those Special Occasions

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How Can I Best Photograph Special Occasions?

Capturing Those Special Occasions

So you want to take digital pictures at that special occasion. Whether it's a wedding, a birthday or class reunion, you want your digital pictures to be the best!

First, be ready and able to snap pictures at any given moment. This means, have your camera ready! If you have your camera ready to shoot, you can capture the groom smashing the cake into the bride's face and her reaction as it happens. You want to capture the reactions to things as they happen, so have your camera ready!

A great way to get a cool picture on a special occasion is to use the lighting available to you. If it is a birthday and the cake is rolled out, turn out the lights and snap the picture of the person's face blowing out the candles. If it is a wedding and you see the bride and the groom standing near candles, snap a picture of them illuminated by the candlelight. These types of pictures make for beautiful results!

Turn your red eye reduction on! Yes, you can edit out the red eye when downloading your pictures to an online photo album, but you can avoid red eye altogether if you utilize your red eye reduction on the digital camera!

Taking pictures at a special occasion can be a lot of fun, just remember to have your camera ready to go!



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