Custom Online Photo Sharing Albums

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What are Custom Online Photo Sharing Albums?

Custom Online Photo Sharing Albums

A fun way to share your pictures online without making a photo sharing Web site is to make a customized photo sharing album online. A custom photo sharing album is like having a photo album like the ones stored in your closet, but instead it's on the Internet!

Most of these sites allow you to register for free and upload your photos into your album very easily. You can customize each and every photo album you create for your pictures.

You can select the way your album will be laid out, the style of the frames you want around the pictures and your color scheme. You can also edit your pictures, making pictures bigger or smaller, reducing that dreaded redeye and modifying the tint of each picture. It doesn't stop there for making your photo albums customized; you can add your own captions underneath or beside each of your pictures. Making on online photo sharing album can be a ton of fun!



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