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What is Photoblogging?


Are you interested in not just downloading your photos on a Web site with a small caption here and there? If so, you are in luck because you can do something a bit new in the world of photo sharing: photoblogs!

Photoblogging is a combination of using the Web, using a photo and logging your information, such as blogging your thoughts and feelings. Combine those three things and you have photoblogging! You can register at many of the online photo sharing Web sites and choose to create your own photoblog.

A photoblog allows you to share recent experiences that occurred in your life or any thoughts you may be having at the moment, or a funny story that happened to you. With this blog, you can also download photos that correspond to your written word. What is even cooler about photoblogs is that your friends and family can visit your photoblog and leave their comments on the site as a way to communicate with you.



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