Photo Sharing Projects

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What are Some Projects I Can Do With My Photos?

Photo Sharing Projects

One fun way to share your photos is by doing a project. By using your photo sharing software for storing photos or making cool templates, you can also easily turn those photos into some pretty cool projects.

Try using your digital photos as a greeting card. It is also a fun thing to share with others. A lot of the photo sharing software, especially the fun software, has a feature for creating fun templates that you can print out and turn into a greeting card, or you can even send via email.

Another photo sharing project is to print out a picture you have saved and use it on an apron or a canvas tote bag. If you took a picture of your kids cooking and with your photo sharing software added a chef's hat and removed the red eye, you can then print that picture on a special iron-on transfer paper from your computer.Once you have printed out the picture (follow directions closely for this, there is a trick to it!) you can iron it onto an apron for Grandma as a gift.

There are so many fun projects that you can turn your shared photos into! Have fun and if you need more ideas, try perusing the Internet for more of these cool photo sharing projects!



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