What are Photo Sharing Communities?

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What is a Photo Sharing Community?

What are Photo Sharing Communities?

Photo sharing communities are a really great way to share your photos, not only with family, but also with other people who come to visit the site where you are a member.

A photo sharing community is something people join on the Internet and upload photos to. The photo sharing community provides a way to share your photos and often has extra features available, such as putting text with your photo or even blogging about your photo.

A photo sharing community also allows amateur photographers and professionals to upload photos and have others leave comments about their photos. It's a great way to have people, other than family and friends, critique your work and perhaps get an opinion that isn't skewed because of a family bias.

Photo sharing communities often offer forums in which people can post their problems with digital cameras or difficulties taking pictures. People within the photo sharing community offer advice and input about what can be done to fix the problem. People are also able to simply chat about something that they love to do: photography.



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