Online Photo Editing For Kids

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Are There Photo Editing Sites for Kids?

Online Photo Editing For Kids

Many kids want in on the online photo editing action and quite frankly, who can blame them? It's fun to create new pictures or mess around with existing pictures by adding or removing different things. Shouldn't kids have a site of their own where they can play with digital pictures?

There may not be a plethora of sites just for kids to edit pictures, but there is a tool for teachers to help students learn just how to do this! Adobe Digital Kids Club offers lessons and curriculum for teachers (or parents who wish to do this at home) to teach students about digital cameras and photo sharing. The club is geared for students in third through ninth grades and is a self-paced curriculum that is explained in easy terms.

Within this curriculum is one section to be taught about photo editing and the related techniques. Kids can learn how to edit photos, maybe before the adults in their lives even fully understand the process.

If this is something that interests you, an Internet search for Adobe Digital Kids Club will bring you the results you are looking for. The best part: you have many lessons available to you for free through the Adobe site. However, you will need some of the Adobe software installed on your computer to teach about the features.



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