Adding Text to Photos Edited

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Can I Add Text to My Edited Photos?

Adding Text to Photos Edited

So you've downloaded your photos to your online photo editing site and now you want to add some text to those photos? Is it easy to do? Sure! Most online photo sharing communities have a tool especially made for editing photos with text. It is pretty basic. First, you select the photo you wish to add the text to, then you type in the text you wish to add to the photo in the designated space (the site will guide you through this). Be sure to pick the size of the text, the type of font and the color you want. Once you have done that, simply select "done" or "finished" and you should have text on your photo!

Editing a photo with text is a very easy thing to do. Keep in mind that you must follow the specific directions of the online photo sharing site you are using. Every site will have different wording or directions on how to do this, and most sites keep it to very basic directions. It is always fun to play with the wording, the color and the font when editing your photos!



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