What is a TIFF File Format?

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What is a TIFF File Format?

What is a TIFF File Format?

A TIFF file format, which stands for Tagged-Image File Format, is a popular format choice for uploading digital photos. Both the JPEG and the TIFF file format are popular file types for uploading.

What makes the TIFF file format different or better than the JPEG? It really just comes down to personal preference. Many people love JPEG file formats and others prefer TIFF file formats. What is so special about TIFF? Most TIFF file formats are not compressed, which means that no data is lost during uploading, but the files for TIFF are much larger than JPEG because there is no compression.

Many people choose to use a TIFF file format for archiving pictures when the size of the file does not matter. It's a good format for keeping your digital photos at their best quality. A TIFF file, because it is so large, can make for downloading and emailing of images compared to a JPEG.



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