What is PNG?

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What is PNG?

What is PNG?

A PNG file format is yet another choice for uploading digital pictures. Who knew there were so many choices? PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics format and can be compared to the GIF file format.

A PNG file format was originally intended to be a replacement for the GIF file format, but instead it became another selection for file types for uploading. A PNG format offers better color than the GIF format and has better compression.

It's likely you've heard of the compression method for the PNG format, it is referred to as a ZIP. PNG files, like TIFF, are another great option if you want to archive your photos. PNG files actually produce better quality images than a TIFF file would, although to most people probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

If your intention is to simply archive your digital pictures into an album or on your computer's hard drive, a PNG file format may be suitable.



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