Point and Shoot Digital Cameras

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What are Point and Shoot Digital Cameras?

Point and Shoot Digital Cameras

Are you looking for a camera that is easy to use and doesn't require a bunch of fancy controls to run it? If so, a point and shoot digital camera may be the right one for you.

A point and shoot digital camera is commonly used by beginners because it is easier to use when compared to fancier cameras. That doesn't mean that point and shoot cameras are solely for beginners, nor does it mean that these types of cameras don't have some neat features with them.

Point and shoot cameras may offer zoom, the ability to take movies with it and hear the sound, and placing special effects around the images you shoot. These types of digital cameras are great for online photo sharing and are utilized by many to do just that!

Some examples of point and shoot digital cameras include:

The Canon Powershot series ranges in price from $125 to $470. The price varies with the features available.

The Pentax Optio series ranges in price from $122 to $950. Again, it varies due to the features available on each camera.

The Sony Cybershot series ranges in price from $175 to $380.

These are just a few of the point and shoot digital cameras; there are a lot out there.



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