How to Create an Online Photo Gallery

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How Can I Create an Online Photo Gallery?

How to Create an Online Photo Gallery

Creating an online photo gallery isn't difficult, even if you aren't computer savvy. You can simply go through an online photo album site and follow the directions given to you. In order to do this, you must register with the site, but once you have, creating a photo gallery is very easy.

If you are unsure about which photo site to choose, try typing in "online photo gallery" on a major search engine to see the thousands of choices that are available to you. Peruse the sites that grab your interest to see what each site may offer.

Once you have selected the photo site and registered, you can follow the directions to create a photo gallery with your pictures. More often then not, you simply have to upload or transfer your pictures from your digital camera by clicking on the "browse" or "upload" button.

What is so wonderful about online photo gallery sites is that the work is done for you and it is made as easy as possible!



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