Online Photo Collage

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Can I Make an Online Photo Collage?

Online Photo Collage

Besides creating an online photo album or an online scrapbook, you can also use your digital pictures to create an online photo collage. A photo collage consists of pictures that you select and download, and the pictures are all placed on one page, either grouped together, laid overlapping or placed randomly throughout the page.

You can create an online photo collage by first finding a site that allows you to do this. Most photo sharing sites have this feature, but you can also do a search for "online photo collages" on the Internet.

Once you have found a site that suits you, you must register with the site if you aren't already a member. You can then download the photos you want in your collage. Most of these photo sites will have a designated area for making a photo collage. Click on the icon for "collage" and follow the directions for making one with you digital pictures. You most likely will be able to place anywhere from four to 100 pictures on your collage and you should be able to choose how big of a collage you want. Usually the sizes range from 5x7 up to 20x30. Most people making these collages are making them as a gift and most sites ask you to pay for a collage. The collage will be shipped to you when you have completed it and paid for it.

When you are beginning your collage creation, you will have some freedom to select certain things, such as borders, matte or glossy collage, landscape or portrait and processing that makes the color of your pictures appropriate for printing. You can either select to have the pictures placed on the collage where you wish, or the site will select placement for you.



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