How to Back Up my Digital Camera Pictures

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How Can I Back Up my Digital Camera Pictures?

How to Back Up my Digital Camera Pictures

Many people take thousands of wonderful digital camera pictures and download them right onto their computers. Often times, this is their last step in saving all of these wonderful mementos. You should go one step further, however, in case your computer crashes or you are the victim of a nasty computer virus that erases your hard drive. If that occurs, you will lose those great pictures.

Everyone who saves digital camera pictures onto their computers needs to make a back up of the pictures. You can do this easily by transferring your saved pictures onto a disk, a CD or a DVD. This ensures that if something were to happen to your computer hard drive, your pictures are safe somewhere else.

Most often with Microsoft Windows, you can click on the "Start" menuu and then click on "My Pictures." After selecting "My Pictures," you will choose pictures to save by using your control key and selecting your pictures. Or you can select a specific folder if your pictures are all in one spot. You will then want to save your photos selected.

First, there will be a heading entitled "Picture Tasks," pick this and where it says "Copy to CD or Disk," click on that. You will then follow the directions that pop up on your computer from there, including naming your CD or disk and inserting your blank disk into the disk drive for copying. When you are done copying the disk, the drive should open back up and you can remove the disk.

Remind yourself once a month to save your digital photos to a disk and keep those photos in a safe spot!



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