Using Digital Camera Wizard

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What is a Digital Camera Wizard?

Using Digital Camera Wizard

One cool and easy way to download digital camera photos from your digital camera is to use the Digital Camera Wizard. Digital Camera Wizard available with Windows XP, which is an operating system within your computer. When you connect your digital camera to your computer for download, a dialogue box should pop up that will walk you through the downloading process.

The Digital Camera Wizard allows you to copy or transfer pictures from your digital camera, your scanner or any other device that hooks to your computer for downloading pictures. The dialogue box will pop up with easy-to-follow directions. The first box will tell you what the Digital Camera Wizard will allow you to do you should click "next" to start downloading photos. You can choose the ones you wish to download.

Once you have chosen the pictures you wish to download, you can name the group of pictures and where on your computer you wish to save them. After doing this, click "next" and proceed with downloading. The Digital Camera Wizard will show you just what is occurring during the transfer process and how much time is left for the downloading to occur. Once the download is complete, you can choose to publish your pictures to a Web site if you wish, you can purchase pictures or you can state that you are done working with the Digital Camera Wizard and close the dialogue box.

The Digital Camera Wizard is a neat tool for downloading and if it is available to you, it may be something worth trying out!



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