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Searching a Photo Gallery Tip: If you don't want your photos appearing in a photo gallery search, you can set your photos to private. Many web photo sharing communities that give you your own page to share pictures also let you decide who can view them or leave comments. If your photo privacy is important to you, make sure you join a web photo sharing community that allows you to set your photo albums or your page to private. By simply setting your page or each photo to private, you can control who views your pictures. Many photo sharing communities have this feature. By selecting "private" for a picture when you have downloaded it, you can limit who views it or leaves you a comment. You can even specify that someone has a password to view your photos or only people with certain email addresses are allowed to view and comment on your photos. Setting your photos to private is a good way to keep your pictures out of the hands of someone you don't want to see them!



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