What is a JPEG?

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What is a JPEG?

Photosite.com Tip: You know you want to spend some time uploading pictures and you've read about the different file types you can use. But, you really have no idea just how to go about choosing a specific file type to save your files for uploading. Relax! It really isn't that difficult! Once you have your photos on your hard drive, you can click on the picture you wish to upload. Let's say you want to save it as a JPEG for uploading pictures. Simply open the picture as you normally would. Once the picture is open, go to the top of the computer screen and look for File in the pull down menu. In this menu, select "Save As." A box will pop up that says, "Save As." In this window, select Format Options and then select JPEG from the menu. Once you have done that, you can name your file whatever you want under "File Name" and then save your image in JPEG format. It really is that simple! Try it out on some digital images, you may have to see what happens. Remember, you can always save a file again with a different file type if you don't like the look of one you saved previously.



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