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What are Digital Photo Frames?

Digital Photo Frames

A digital photo frame looks like an actual picture frame but it allows you to store your digital pictures within the frame and shows the pictures stored by way of a photo slide show. Digital photo frames may have their own memory for storing your photos, they may have memory card readers or they may even have a DVD player built inside of it. You will need to study each digital photo frame to see what each specific frame you are interested in uses for storing your digital photos. Your pictures are able to be copied from where you have them stored on your computer to the digital photo frame.

Digital photo frames are a great idea for gifts and a great idea just to use for storing your own photos. These types of frames are a fairly new way to store your digital photos and they can be quite expensive. Some of these frames may run you well over three hundred dollars.

What is Photo Sticker Paper?

Photo Stickers

Kids love stickers. Grandparents love to receive pictures. Pet owners love to parade around with their pets. Travelers love to capture keepsakes of their travels. One way to keep all the members of your picture-partial family happy is to print your picture out in the form of a sticker. You can stick a photo sticker on the outside of an letter you are sending, or stick it on the outside of a gift. It is a unique way to show off something important to you.

You can download a picture of your choice onto a photo sharing website and order stickers from that specific site, or you can purchase photo sticker paper and print stickers off in your own home. But, you must purchase photo sticker paper that is compatible to your photo printer. Sticker paper is typically found in 25 or 50 sheet packs of stickers that are four inches by four inches in size. Prices are generally around $25 or a bit higher depending on the brand of sticker paper, and can be found in business supply stores as well as photography stores.

What is Laser Photo Paper?

Laser Photo Paper

Many people who print out digital photos at home are looking for speciality paper that is used strictly for printing photos. Many people turn to laser photo paper for their picture printing needs.

What many people do not know is that basic laser photo paper is not actually a photo-based paper. Instead, laser photo paper is more suited for business use. However, you can get high quality prints with laser photo paper when printing on a printer that is compatible with laser photo paper.

Laser photo paper is more expensive than typical computer paper. Depending on the brand of laser photo paper you purchase, prices may run as high as $25 for a package of 100 sheets of paper.

What is an All-in-One Photo Printer?

All-in-One Photo Printer

Digital camera enthusiasts want the immediate satisfaction of seeing their photos printed and framed. Oftentimes, people want more than just a printer to print digital pictures out on, they want a printer that does it all.

An All-in-One Photo printer gives you more than just the ability to print out vibrant pictures from your digital camera. It also allows you to print directly from slides or from picture negatives and it has the ability to scan or make copies of pictures. Many of these printers come with the ability to print in color and in basic black print. You may also be able to purchase a printer that allows for faxing.

Because of the versatility of these types of photo printers, the prices can be expensive. However, for the numerous jobs it does, it may be worth the extra money spent!

What is a Photo Printer Cartridge?

Photo Printer Cartridge

If you are considering purchasing a photo printer you will also eventually need to restock the ink with a speciality photo printer ink cartridge. If you purchase a Hewlett Packard Photosmart d7360 photo printer, then you will need to have this information when purchasing your printer's ink cartridge. You do not always have to buy the specific brand name ink cartridge for your printer. Many times office supply stores offer a more generic version of ink cartridges that are compatible for several different types of printers. What is important is that you purchase a cartridge that can be used with your specific printer. Prices vary on ink cartridges, many run more than $50 for one color photo cartridge. You will want to do some research on the different types available for your printer before purchasing a cartridge.

What is Matte Photo Paper?

Matte Photo Paper

Matte photo paper is a specific type of photo paper that is used for printing out copies of your digital photos. A photo paper that has a matte finish will have a dull finish. Many people prefer a matte finish on their pictures because it limits the amount of smudges and streaks that often are more prevalent in other types of photo paper.

Matte photo paper ranges in price, usually determined by the brand and the number of sheets in a package. For example Kodak offers 100 sheets of matte photo paper for around $15.

What is Glossy Photo Paper?

Glossy Photo Paper

Glossy photo paper is a popular type of paper for printing out digital photos from your camera or your photo gallery online. A glossy photo paper will give your printed photographs a shiny look. Many people compare photos that are printed on glossy paper to traditional photographs taken with a camera that isn't digital and is printed at a studio. You can even purchase glossy photo paper for printing that won't smudge and is water resistant.

Glossy photo paper, like matte photo paper, ranges in price. You can purchase glossy photo paper at any business retail store and even some national retail chains. Prices are typically around $15 or more for packs of 20 to 50.

What is an Inkjet Photo Printer?

Inkjet Photo Printer

An inkjet photo printer is specially made for printing out high quality photos from your digital camera or your computer onto a specialized photo paper. Inkjet photo printers are made for printing out vibrant pictures and
thus come with ink that is more vivid than typical computer printers.Many inkjet photo printers allow you to print pictures directly from your digital camera without using your computer to download the pictures. This is done with a docking station manufactured for your camera that transfers the pictures directly from your digital camera to the inkjet photo printer.

Inkjet photo printers are made by all of the major computer printer companies and come in a variety of sizes and prices. Many companies are now making a compact version of the inkjet color printer that does all of the things the bigger printers can do. Prices range from as low as $60 to more than $300, based on your needs and preferences. You can purchase these printers online or in major retail chains and office supply stores throughout the country.

What are Photo Envelopes For?

Photo Envelopes

Just because they're digital doesn't mean you can't print out the photos. But before you print your photos and mail them to family and friends, make sure they are safe and secure. Photo envelopes are a great addition to your online digital photos. If you don't intend on putting your digital pictures into a photo book,
you may want to think about purchasing a photo envelope to protect your
pictures and to give them a safe place for storage. With photo envelopes, you can also store your printed digital photos and keep them free from dust and dirt. Prices range, so first determine what you need from a photo envelope before purchasing them -- it might be more convenient to buy photo envelopes in bulk, or you might find you only one or two to safely secure your photos. You can find special photo envelopes in a business retail store or a store that specializes in photography or digital cameras.

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