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How Can I Create an Online Photo Gallery?

How to Create an Online Photo Gallery

Creating an online photo gallery isn't difficult, even if you aren't computer savvy. You can simply go through an online photo album site and follow the directions given to you. In order to do this, you must register with the site, but once you have, creating a photo gallery is very easy.

If you are unsure about which photo site to choose, try typing in "online photo gallery" on a major search engine to see the thousands of choices that are available to you. Peruse the sites that grab your interest to see what each site may offer.

Once you have selected the photo site and registered, you can follow the directions to create a photo gallery with your pictures. More often then not, you simply have to upload or transfer your pictures from your digital camera by clicking on the "browse" or "upload" button.

What is so wonderful about online photo gallery sites is that the work is done for you and it is made as easy as possible!

Can I Make an Online Photo Collage?

Online Photo Collage

Besides creating an online photo album or an online scrapbook, you can also use your digital pictures to create an online photo collage. A photo collage consists of pictures that you select and download, and the pictures are all placed on one page, either grouped together, laid overlapping or placed randomly throughout the page.

You can create an online photo collage by first finding a site that allows you to do this. Most photo sharing sites have this feature, but you can also do a search for "online photo collages" on the Internet.

Once you have found a site that suits you, you must register with the site if you aren't already a member. You can then download the photos you want in your collage. Most of these photo sites will have a designated area for making a photo collage. Click on the icon for "collage" and follow the directions for making one with you digital pictures. You most likely will be able to place anywhere from four to 100 pictures on your collage and you should be able to choose how big of a collage you want. Usually the sizes range from 5x7 up to 20x30. Most people making these collages are making them as a gift and most sites ask you to pay for a collage. The collage will be shipped to you when you have completed it and paid for it.

When you are beginning your collage creation, you will have some freedom to select certain things, such as borders, matte or glossy collage, landscape or portrait and processing that makes the color of your pictures appropriate for printing. You can either select to have the pictures placed on the collage where you wish, or the site will select placement for you.

Is it Hard to Make a Scrapbook Online?

Creating an Online Scrapbook

Do you love to scrapbook? Did you know that you can create online digital scrapbooks and share them with others? Yes, it is true you can now scrapbook online!

There are sites on the Internet in which scrapbook enthusiasts can register, some for free, and start downloading those digital pictures into a scrapbook. This type of online photo album is a bit different than the typical online photo album because you can add your photos, then you can insert captions for each picture. This allows you to turn it into a story that is made into a timeline from the beginning of the story to the end, or from the date in which the pictures start to the date in which the pictures end. You are able to download pictures from your family history to the present day and have those pictures tell a story.

You are also able to send these pictures to family and friends and you may also be able to put these scrapbooks onto a CD or a DVD.

Are There Photo Sharing Sites for the Professional?

Online Photo Sharing For Professionals

Not every person who chooses to use online photo sharing are amateurs or families who are sharing their photos with the people they love. Many people are professionals in the photography field and many businesses also utilize online photo sharing. Many of the online photo sharing sites offer an area just for the professional or for businesses to use.

Typically, the "professional" area of a photo sharing Web site allow for pictures to be uploaded in bulk and even to be deleted in bulk. This isn't usually found in photo sharing for those who aren't professionals.

What are Some Neat Features of Online Photo Sharing?

Online Photo Sharing Features

Many online photo sharing sites have some really neat features for the user to try out! Most sites give you the opportunity to share your photos with others very easily, usually be email or by a visit to the site. Most sites also offer the chance to share videos, make a photo album and use different templates to spruce up your pictures.

However, this isn't all of it! Did you know that some online photo sharing sites offer you the chance to make money? Yes, it is true! Some of these photo sharing sites will let you set up your own store and sell the pictures you have taken in the form of prints or gifts. You don't have to be a professional photographer to do this. You simply follow the directions of the photo site and you get to pick the price of your pictures and gifts.

What is a Private Digital Photo Album?

Private Photo Album

A private digital photo album is the exact opposite of a public one. Many people upload photos to their digital photo albums and do not want other people to view these photos. That is a personal choice and if you choose to only allow certain people to view your photos or you don't want anyone at all to see them, then you must set your digital photo album to private.

What is a Digital Photo Album?

What are Digital Photo Albums?

A digital photo album can be in the form of computer software or from an online source. Basically a digital photo album allows the user to download or import pictures from their digital camera, the memory card of their digital camera or even their computer's scanner. These pictures can then be stored in the form of a digital photo album via the computer software or the online photo sharing site of the users choice.

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