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Why Should I Tag my Photos?

Notes and Tags

Do you want to be able to leave a note or a tag on selected photos you have downloaded? Some online photo sharing communities offer this tool for photo albums or pictures that are downloaded to that site. If you have a picture of your cat in your bathtub, you can leave a tag or a note that says something like, "my cat loves to bathe." This tag or note may be helpful later on with searching.

By leaving a note or a tag on a picture, you are making that information more easily searched. Adding tags improves the ability to find a photo later on. Add tags to your photos or invite friends to do the same. Then later do a search using your tag words and see if your photo pops up. It is an easy way to search photos: tagging!

Can I Set My Photos to Private?

Setting Your Photos to Private

Many photo sharing communities that give you your own page to share pictures also let you decide who can view them or leave comments.

If your photo privacy is important to you, make sure you join a photo sharing community that allows you to set your photo albums or your page to private. By simply setting your page or each photo to private, you can control who views your pictures.

Many photo sharing communities have this feature. By selecting "private" for a picture when you have downloaded it, you can limit who views it or leaves you a comment. You can even specify that someone has a password to view your photos or only people with certain email addresses are allowed to view and comment on your photos. Setting your photos to private is a good way to keep your pictures out of the hands of someone you don't want to see them!

Are Photo Sharing Communities Free?

Are all Photo Sharing Communities Free?

Not every online photo sharing community is free Some are and you can get some really great features with them. However, there is often a catch with these free photo sharing communities. Many times you can join for free, but if you do not purchase something from that site within a year of joining, your pictures will be deleted from the site. Therefore, if you don't want to lose the pictures you have downloaded, you must purchase something.

Other sites charge a yearly membership fee. Many offer a free trial period and after that free trial you can either decide to quit that community without a charge or you can continue being a member and incur a fee.

Most photo sharing community fees range between $25 to $50 dollar a year. Most have a limit to how many photos you can store within that site. Most sites also offer a basic membership for free that doesn't have all the bells and whistles. If you want the added perks, such as a domain name or a Web site, you will most likely have to pay a fee for that and upgrade your membership.

How Can I Search a Photo Gallery?

Searching a Photo Gallery

Online photo sharing communities are also searchable! If you want to look at pictures about a specific topic, you can type in what you are looking for in the "search gallery" line. This is usually found at the top of the page. For example, let's say you want to view some pictures of the massive snowstorm that hit Colorado not too long ago. Try typing in "Colorado snowstorm" and you should see many gallery photos appear. These photos were placed there by members of that photo sharing community and can be viewed by you. You may even see a slide show, be able to read a photo blog and hear music while you are viewing the pictures you selected.

Photo sharing sites also group specific gallery pictures together by subject. For example, you decide to view some photos about animals. On the gallery page of the photo sharing site, simply click on "animals" and it will take you to a page full of animal photos.

Can Work be Critiqued on a Photo Sharing Community?

Critiquing Other's Work

Many online photo sharing communities have areas on the site where you can post your photography and leave it open for critiques or suggestions from other photographers. Let's face it, not everyone has an unbiased opinion available to them about the digital pictures they take, this where online photo communities come in.

If you really want opinions on your photography, you can always join an online photo sharing community and upload your work for others to view and leave comments. This may be helpful to you, but remember, you are being critiqued and not every critique is a pleasant one.

What is an Online Photo Sharing Community Forum?

Online Photo Sharing Community Forums

Online photo sharing communities often offer something called community forums. A community forum within an online photo sharing community can be a great tool for any photographer wishing to share photos online or just to get input from others who love photography and photo sharing.

Many online photo communities ask you to join their site before being allowed to post a question about the site or about photo sharing. Once you have registered, you may post a question, which is most likely monitored by a moderator. A moderator will have the ability to delete or lock your post if it doesn't follow the rules of the forum. Keep your posts clean with appropriate language and never ask something that you know you're not supposed to.

Many photo sharing community forums will have forums that address how to use the community, forums for public sharing of photos, forums for new technology that is being developed pertaining to photo sharing or digital cameras, forums for cameras and hardware and forums for taking great digital photos. Online photo sharing forums can offer you a wealth of information; try checking them out today!

What is a Photo Sharing Community?

What are Photo Sharing Communities?

Photo sharing communities are a really great way to share your photos, not only with family, but also with other people who come to visit the site where you are a member.

A photo sharing community is something people join on the Internet and upload photos to. The photo sharing community provides a way to share your photos and often has extra features available, such as putting text with your photo or even blogging about your photo.

A photo sharing community also allows amateur photographers and professionals to upload photos and have others leave comments about their photos. It's a great way to have people, other than family and friends, critique your work and perhaps get an opinion that isn't skewed because of a family bias.

Photo sharing communities often offer forums in which people can post their problems with digital cameras or difficulties taking pictures. People within the photo sharing community offer advice and input about what can be done to fix the problem. People are also able to simply chat about something that they love to do: photography.

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