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What are Some Novelity Photo Gifts I can Give?

Photo Novelities

Many online websites offer some really fun ways to preserve favorite photos for gift giving or just to have for yourself.

How about placing your favorite photo on a lollipop! What a neat idea to give at a birthday party in a gift bag. Simply follow the website directions for downloading that perfect photo on a lollipop and then wait for it to be delivered to you.

Are you looking for something you can't eat at the dinner table? Perhaps you can make a photo puzzle for someone. What a neat gift to give to Grandpa who loves to do jigsaw puzzles- a puzzle with a picture of his beloved grandchildren. Follow the directions of the website to download your picture and then wait for the company to make your photo jigsaw puzzle to deliver it right to you.

What about giving a photo sports ball for the sports nut in your life? You can put a picture of a loved one right onto a sports ball ranging from a baseball to a hockey puck, the sport of your choice is available! Prices run around $20 and the ball is delivered right to you once the download and check out is complete. Another fun gift for the sports fan in your life!

What is a Photo Collage?

Photo Collage

Do you want to share your favorite photos in the form of a gift, but you just can't decide which one to use? Don't fret, you can use all of those favorite photos in your photo gallery! Why not just make a photo collage and give it as a gift to the person of your choice?

A photo collage is a fun way to put your favorite photo's from all year onto one page. You don't even have to give it as a gift, you can keep it for yourself! By simply picking and downloading your favorite pictures onto the photo website of your choice, and by simply selecting "photo collage" you can create a collage in a matter of minutes. You even have a choice as to which size of collage you want, which also allows you to pick the price that works best for you. Be warned, the more expensive collages are the larger ones and hold more pictures than the smaller, less expensive ones. If you want to preserve a lot of pictures, you will have to spend more money.

What are Photo Greeting Cards?

Photo Greeting Cards

Many people want to show off their children in a fun way, what could be more fun than in the form of a greeting card? Of course, you don't have to just share a child's picture, you can put anything on a greeting card to share. Photo greeting cards are a neat way to send well-wishes to friends and family.

You can share your thoughts and a favorite picture all at the same time in the form of a photo greeting card. These greeting cards are easy to make by simply following the instructions on the photo sharing website of your choice and going from there.

With a photo greeting card you can choose any occasion you wish. From holidays to birthdays to invitations, you can place a select picture and make a card. There are so many choices for backgrounds, fonts, and colors that you can make very individualized greeting. Some websites sell individual cards and others ask you to purchase them in sets. Prices are very reasonable, depending on the website you choose to use. Photo greeting cards are a fun way to send thoughts to those near and dear to you.

What are Some Photo Keepsakes?

Photo Keepsakes

Photo gifts can also be something that can be kept forever, in the form of a photo keepsake. One way to keep photos for the entire family is to archive them onto a photo CD. You can do this and give the CD's to family members for gifts. You can store up to 1000 photos for around $40, or you can choose to store even less for a smaller fee.

Another neat photo keepsake is to create a photo keepsake box. You can do this online at your favorite photo sharing site! A photo keepsake box is a lovely way to keep your favorite collectibles or jewelry with the picture of a grandchild, a loved one, or even a beloved pet on the lid. Simply follow the directions for downloading the picture of your choice and let the company you chose do the rest! Prices for keepsake boxes are usually around $30 and is shipped directly to you for a fee.

What are Photo Calendars?

Photo Calendars

Photo calendars are truly the gift that keeps on giving all year round! What a fun way to display photos of loved ones, animals or vacation spots.

A photo calendar can be put together on a photo sharing website. Most often, the website will ask you to either download one photo at a time to place on the calendar or you can make a photo gallery that saves your pictures all in one spot and are easily transfered to your online calendar.

Photo calendar's are fun because you can match photos that are related to each month of the year. For example, you may have a photo of your child opening his or her birthday presents, a birthday that falls in May. Simply select that picture to be placed on the May portion of the photo calendar. You can even add text to make the calendar even more personalized. Photo calendars can usually be created online for$ 20 or more.

What are Some Unique Photo Gifts?

Unique Photo Gifts

Are you looking for something unique to give as a gift? Or perhaps you want to give someone special a picture of a place he or she loves preserved on it in a unique way. If so, don't worry, there are several unique photo gifts out there to give as gifts!

Why not take a picture and place it on a photo magnet? What could make someone smile more than seeing a picture of a loved one or a special place each time the fridge is opened? Photo magnets are very reasonably priced, usually between $5 and $10 per magnet.

Need more than a magnet? Why not try putting someone's mug on a set of coasters? What is so great about photo coasters is that you can pick several different photos to place on the coaster set, this way you can preserve more than one picture at a time in such a unique way!

Keep your loved one warm with a photo sweatshirt? Maybe you aren't aware that you can download a photo onto a photo sharing website and have it made into a sweatshirt. Photo sweatshirts make great gifts for grandparents to proudly wear pictures of their grandkids for the world to see.

Can I Make an Online Photo Book?

Photo Books

Who remembers the old photo albums with sticky pages and a clear acetate type of paper? Gone are the sticky pages and yellowing pictures of the past, because now you can create a photo book online with your digital pictures.

Many photo sharing websites and major retailers offer photo centers online. Through these websites you can download photos and make a photo book that you can share with everyone online. By simply logging in or joining the site, most often for free, you can download digital photos you wish to preserve forever in a photo book.

The website will most likely have several choices of photo books that range in price from a mini photo book that is inexpensive to a bigger photo book that is much more expensive. Most of these photo books are hardbound with linen or leather for the cover and your choice of colors. Inside, the pages may be single or double sided, depending on which you prefer along with several color selections. You can choose to automatically fill your photo book with photos you have already saved or you can go page by page and download photos individually for each page. You can even pick the layout of the pages. It really is up to you.

Once you have determined your page set up, your photos will download and you are able to add text or other items. There may be an additional fee for these.

What are Some Photo Gifts For Special Occassions?

Photo Gifts for Special Occassions

Do you know someone who's getting married? Are you not interested in simply giving a gift card or picking something off of the registry? How about giving the happy couple a unique photo gift created especially for them by you?

You can create a gorgeous wedding photo book for the happy couple, or how about giving the happy couple a mouse pad with their picture on it? You can't go wrong when creating a gift that preserves their big day in pictures! Prices vary for each item, you can pick which one fits your financial situation the best.

Are you shopping for the perfect birthday gift for him or for her? Why not purchase a frame on the photo website of your choice and place a picture of yourself in the frame. The best part is, the work is all done for you and the finished piece is delivered right to your door for you to give.

Are you looking for a neat gift for a new baby? Did you know that you can download pictures and have them placed on an infant onesie for the new little bundle of joy? You can! What a neat gift and for a price tag around $15, you can't go wrong!

What is a Photo Mug?

Photo Mugs

A photo mug is a great way to preserve a picture of a little one, a relative or even some beautiful landscape for grandparents, parents or friends. You can put any type of picture in a photo mug; your favorite animal, your favorite vacation spot or even your favorite automobile. Even better, photo mug's are easy to make. Most major photo sharing websites have a photo center that sells gifts including photo mugs and more. Once you have found the online site you wish to use, you simply just follow the directions on the site for downloading your picture from your digital camera. You can even eliminate red eye and resize your picture, and add text to your picture, if you wish.

Once you have completed your download, the photo sharing company will ship the photo mug directly to you. These mugs range in price, but are usually very reasonably priced for a gift.

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