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What is Photoblogging?


Are you interested in not just downloading your photos on a Web site with a small caption here and there? If so, you are in luck because you can do something a bit new in the world of photo sharing: photoblogs!

Photoblogging is a combination of using the Web, using a photo and logging your information, such as blogging your thoughts and feelings. Combine those three things and you have photoblogging! You can register at many of the online photo sharing Web sites and choose to create your own photoblog.

A photoblog allows you to share recent experiences that occurred in your life or any thoughts you may be having at the moment, or a funny story that happened to you. With this blog, you can also download photos that correspond to your written word. What is even cooler about photoblogs is that your friends and family can visit your photoblog and leave their comments on the site as a way to communicate with you.

What is Image Hosting?

What is Image Hosting?

Image hosting is a bit different than building a Web page to share with family and friends or making an online photo album. With image hosting, you download photos to a specific Web site for storage of your photos. Image hosting is primarily used by people who wish to store photos online without all the captioning or blogging that goes along with other online photo sharing sites.

Many people choose image hosting as a way to transfer a picture from a Web site to a community forum, a blog or even via instant messenger when chatting with a friend or loved on. With free image hosting, you can transfer your photos from your digital camera onto the Web site. Normally you are able to download only one photo at a time and usually there is a size limit involved. If the picture is too big, the download will not occur.

Is it Difficult to Make an Online Photo Album?

Is it Hard to Make an Online Photo Album?

So many people worry that it's too difficult to create online photo albums and they don't even bother trying. But, creating an online photo album isn't difficult at all. You can do so in a matter of minutes after registering with the site of your choice.

What is so great about technology today is that everything from how to download your photos to how to write captions on your photo album is spelled out for you with clear and concise directions. If you have a digital camera and you have some interest in creating and displaying your photos online, but you think it will be too hard, think again! Give it a shot! Start with a free photo sharing Web site, such as, where every instruction is given to you in an easy and concise manner. By simply following the directions on the photo sharing Web site, you will have an online photo album in no time flat!

What is Peer-to-Peer Photosharing?

Peer-to-Peer Photosharing

One cool way to share your photos from one person to another, or peer-to-peer, is not by just downloading photos from your digital camera or by using your photo sharing Web site. You can take part in a newer fad called peer-to-peer photo sharing.

Peer-to-peer photo sharing uses the Internet to share your photos, but without all the extras involved in downloading to a Web site or photoblog. Instead, you determine who sees your digital photos that you take with your camera. You then transfer your photos from your digital camera onto your computer. Pick your pictures, choose who you want to share them with and click on the word "share." Each person you decided to share photos with is notified that you are indeed sharing photos with them!

Are Subscription Photo Sharing Sites Better?

Subscription Photosharing

Photo sharing online can be free or it may incur a fee for using a site. Most of these pay-for-photo sharing sites are known as subscription photo sharing sites. Subscription photo sharing sites are usually free from advertisements and often do not try to encourage you to purchase products from them. However, this isn't true with all subscription photo-sharing sites.

Many people may not want to spend extra money on a fee-based photo sharing Web site when there are so many out there that are free. That comes down to personal choice and finances. Many times with fee-based sites, you get what you pay for. Many people believe that fee-based sites offer improved services and faster downloads. You can also download images with high resolution to print them directly from the fee-based site onto your own paper at home.

What are Custom Online Photo Sharing Albums?

Custom Online Photo Sharing Albums

A fun way to share your pictures online without making a photo sharing Web site is to make a customized photo sharing album online. A custom photo sharing album is like having a photo album like the ones stored in your closet, but instead it's on the Internet!

Most of these sites allow you to register for free and upload your photos into your album very easily. You can customize each and every photo album you create for your pictures.

You can select the way your album will be laid out, the style of the frames you want around the pictures and your color scheme. You can also edit your pictures, making pictures bigger or smaller, reducing that dreaded redeye and modifying the tint of each picture. It doesn't stop there for making your photo albums customized; you can add your own captions underneath or beside each of your pictures. Making on online photo sharing album can be a ton of fun!

Can I Just Send Photos via Email?

Sharing Your Photos Via Email

Many people who don't use online photo sharing Web sites prefer to simply send their family pictures via email. Sending pictures via email is a fast way to transfer a photo from your digital camera to a recipient.

Putting a picture into an email is relatively simple. First, your digital camera must be able to transfer photos to your computer. When sending an email, you should click on "attachment" and then download the picture from your camera by browsing through files until you find the right photo. You can then complete the process by attaching it to the email and hitting "send."

What is a Free Photosharing Website?

Free Photo Sharing Websites

Millions of people are using the photo sharing Web site concept to share photos with loved ones near and far. Many people opt to pay a fee, while others use a free Web site. There are hundreds of free photo sharing Web sites. It all comes down to the features you want on your site.

Regardless of the site you choose, you will need to join. This usually means giving information such as your name and address and creating a password and log in name. It is basic and the steps are laid out for you.

With these free photo sharing sites, you will find many options for making your Web site unique. You can pick the type of font you want, the color of the backdrop. You can even customize it for a new baby or a travel experience and make it unique!

What are Online Photo Websites?

Custom Photo Websites

Photo Web sites now offer a great concept called "Web Photo Sharing," where you can download pictures onto your very own Web site for sharing with friends and family.

Most Web sites where you can share photos also offer you your own website with your a URL address, making it easy for friends and family to see your photography. You can create online photo albums through a site like this and even do a photoblog. Most of these photo-sharing Web sites are password-protected and many have the ability to download pictures right from your digital camera phone.

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