Photo Collage

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What is a Photo Collage?

Photo Collage

Do you want to share your favorite photos in the form of a gift, but you just can't decide which one to use? Don't fret, you can use all of those favorite photos in your photo gallery! Why not just make a photo collage and give it as a gift to the person of your choice?

A photo collage is a fun way to put your favorite photo's from all year onto one page. You don't even have to give it as a gift, you can keep it for yourself! By simply picking and downloading your favorite pictures onto the photo website of your choice, and by simply selecting "photo collage" you can create a collage in a matter of minutes. You even have a choice as to which size of collage you want, which also allows you to pick the price that works best for you. Be warned, the more expensive collages are the larger ones and hold more pictures than the smaller, less expensive ones. If you want to preserve a lot of pictures, you will have to spend more money.



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