Use or Lose the Flash

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Should I Always Leave My Flash On?

Use or Lose the Flash

So many people just leave the automatic flash on at all times on their digital cameras. They think that the digital camera will "decide" when is an appropriate time to use the flash and it will go off just when absolutely needed. That isn't necessarily the case. Shut your automatic flash off and step away from your camera!

You don't need to leave the flash on at all times. It's best to learn just when a picture you are snapping may need a flash. If you are outside, people often assume that natural sunlight will replace the need for a flash on a digital camera. Did you know that you might want to use your flash outside? If your subject is sitting or situated in a darker area outside, turn your flash on to get a great picture. It will brighten up the picture, even if the day is sunny. If your subject is in a darker spot, such as under a tree, turn that flash on!

If you are indoors, people often assume that the flash needs to be on. However, using a flash inside can sometimes affect the subject's skin color in the photo and it can also produce a glare. Move your subject to a well-lit area of the room and skip the flash for a perfect picture!

What is important to remember is that you can always try to experiment with your flash. Take pictures outside in different areas with the flash on and off and do the same inside. Compare the pictures and see which ones turn out the best.



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