Plan Your Picture

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How Can I Take a Great Digital Picture?

Plan Your Picture

If you want to shoot that great digital picture, you may want to plan it out beforehand. Candid photographs are great, but sometimes a great digital picture needs a detailed plan.

First, you will want to imagine the photo in your mind beforehand. Can you visualize the outcome that you want? If you don't know what you want to accomplish going into the shoot, you won't know exactly what you want out of it!

Second, get your camera zoomed in properly. If you're very far from the subject or very near, then let your camera do the zooming for you by using the automatic zoom feature, if your digital camera has it. Having the zoom prepared for the shoot is important! Your pictures may turn out fuzzy or distorted without the zoom prepared properly.

Having an idea of what you want and seeing the results in your mind are important to snapping a great digital photograph and having your camera ready to snap is essential!



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