Keep it Steady

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How Can I Prepare my Body for Taking a Picture?

Keep it Steady

Did you know that one aspect of taking a great digital picture is to actually hold that camera steady? Yes, you must hold your camera in a steady grip to get the best photo possible.

If you aren't steady, your picture may be fuzzy or blurred. Your body should be solidly placed and be sure to keep your elbows tucked near your sides as you shoot. Put your camera nice and snug against your face and then click a picture, making sure you don't take a deep breath as you are snapping or your camera could move.

If you just feel like you can't hold still long enough to get that great shot, then it's time for the tripod. After all, the tripod wasn't created to just sit in your closet! Use it whenever you know you can't hold the camera steady enough to get a great shot!



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