Free Image Uploads

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What are Free Image Uploads?

Free Image Uploads

Many photo sites on the Internet offer free image uploads. What does this mean exactly? Image uploads are available at most photo sharing sites. You can upload your digital photos to that specific site and store your photos there for free. Most sites offer a free image upload service and also offer paying image upload services, as well.

A free image upload would most likely be for a smaller amount of disk space, such as 10 MB of storage space per month.

If you need more space, you will most likely have to pay for an upgrade on your account. You can purchase image uploads for more space, such as 100 MB, for as low as $6 per month at some sites.

You will need to create an account with the site and as long as you pay your fee, you shouldn't run the risk of having your images deleted after a specific amount of time.



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