Using Your Camera Dock

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What is a Digital Camera Dock?

Using Your Camera Dock

Many people's computers are not equipped with a slot to place your digital camera's memory card in. Another great way to download photos is by using a camera dock.

A camera dock is what it sounds like. It is a place to park your digital camera. However, it does so much more than that. A digital camera dock allows you to transfer photos from your digital camera to your computer, it also allows you to recharge your digital camera's batteries and in many models, you can even hook your camera dock up to the television to view slideshows of the pictures you took with your camera.

Digital camera docks allow you to set your camera on the dock, push a button and viola! you have easily transferred your pictures to your computer for downloading or viewing. The camera dock hooks directly to your computer and is easy to install by simply following the directions that accompany the dock. It usually just involves hooking a cord or two from the dock into the correct area of your computer and also plugging the power source into the wall. Once you have installed the dock, you will see just how easy it is to use!



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