Using a Cable Transfer

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What is a Cable Transfer?

Using a Cable Transfer

What about for those of us who own older model digital camers that aren't able to transfer photos to a computer using all of those fancy, new methods? It's ok! You can still download photos from your digital camera to your computer. One warning: the photos can take a little longer to download.

Your digital camera should have come with a cable cord for transferring pictures. This is what you will need to use to transfer photos from your camera to your computer. This cord is often referred to as a serial cable. You should turn off your computer and your camera before connecting the two with the serial cord.

Once you have your computer and your camera turned off, take the serial cord and place it into the camera, then take the other end of the cord and connect it to the computer, typically the COM port. Then turn on your computer and your camera. Once your computer and your camera are back on, you need to make sure the camera is set for transferring pictures. Once you have done this, you will most likely need to follow the directions that pop up from your downloading software that comes with the camera.

The good thing about purchasing a new digital camera is that they now come with USB ports for transferring, which speeds up the process compared to using a cable transfer via a cable cord.



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