Infrared Transfer

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What is Infrared Transfer?

Infrared Transfer

Downloading your digital camera pictures can also be done via infrared transfer, if your digital camera and your computer have that option available. Making sure your digital camera and your computer are both communicating to each other for a successful download may be difficult, but it can also be a quick way to download pictures.

If your digital camera is equipped with infrared transfer, this means that your camera can be set near your computer and just like your television remote control, you can transfer your pictures using an infrared ray.

You must first have something called an IrDA port, which allows you to transfer pictures using infrared rays rather than using a USB port. This type of port and transferring does require software, so make sure you download the software that came with your camera and that you have the IrDA port hooked to your computer correctly before you try to do an infrared download of your pictures. Once you have started the infrared download, follow the digital camera software directions for completing your download!



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